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Triptych: Mind Perception

The Triptych: Mind Perception is the triplet photographic abstraction intended to serve as visual stimuli in the future Artisitic Research. The Triptych will epitomize the interconnections between physical perception and mind awareness via the 3 stages of perception as the following analogy:

  1. The representation of the Unconscious stage (Unaware of any particular thing) as the Long Shots of figurative subjects in the same series.

  2. The representation of the Conscious stage (Focusing on one thing) as the Medium Shots of figurative subjects in the same series.

  3. The representation of the Semi-Subconscious stage (Not thinking about anything, but deep into subliminal mind) as the Extreme Close-up Shots of (non-figurative) abstract forms in the same series.


Seemingly, the reveries of transformative abstract formations are submerged into unrealistic or surrealism where only the mind can wander through.

The following photographic art forms are Artistic Experimentation inspired to apply on TAM project, demonstrating on form become formless by using macro photography with in-camera practice

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