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INTM 2350 Digital Production Tool

This course introduces concepts and techniques of modern design for a variety of media commonly used by advertising and public relations professionals. Students learn the design process, the basic elements of design and their best uses. Emphasis is placed on identity design for self-promotion, infographic, and poster. Project critiques are conducted regularly, and aesthetic value and psychological aspects of work are analyzed.


The basic goals of the course are to develop design sensitivity, understand the design process  and eventually execute their conceptual design for effective visual communication by the followings:

Students will analyze the selected page layout and print ads based on knowledge of effective visual communication.


Students will technically operate and artistically manipulate tools, as such computer application, graphic art, and motion graphic work, to create artworks through class assignments and projects.


Students will initially state clear objectives, apply the right creative strategy, conceptualize the bright idea and finally utilize smart visual design to reinforce the key message with the perfect combination of aesthetically pleasing and effective communication.

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