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PHOT 3190 Studio & Digital Imaging

This course is designed to teach students the theoretical and practical aspects of Digital Studio Photography. Students will learn how to use digital camera, lighting, and application to create, control, modify and manipulate digital photographic images for both corrective and creative purpose to maximize persuasive communication in commercial photography.


Prerequisites or Recommended Classes:

EPMD 1000 Intro to Media Production,

PHOT 1010 Basic Digital Photography,

PHOT 4000 Photo Workshop or

ADVT 3500 Visual Communications for Advertising and Public Relations


Students will learn how to use digital SLR camera, other basic photographic studio equipment, photographic lighting techniques, digital image capture tool (Capture One), image management software (Adobe Lightroom), and image enhancing application (Adobe Photoshop) to produce either fashion or commercial photographic artworks.



Students will produce digital studio photos, and then present the final print used the outside digital lab. In addition, students will know how to combine aesthetic, technical skill, teamwork, project management based on effective photo communication for the most persuasive commercial photography.

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