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Photo 2040 Learning Outcome


Jovana Vuletic:


Going into this class I did not know what to expect. As a non-media major, I always wanted to take a photography class, and this one really peaked my interest. The list of things that I have learned from the class goes on and on. Everything is ranging from the Grand Masters, to how photography was started, to where photography is today, to how you actually take photos, to how you edit the imageries, to how you organize a photo shoot, etc...the list is endless.


From the start, I really appreciated the way the professor structured the class and the way he would teach to made this course as enjoyable. After each class, I went back home with new knowledge about photography. At the very beginning, my creative side was challenged by the Photogram assignment.


Next, I learned about almost all the Grand Masters of Photography and their styles of photography. Besides, I learned about the very first camera and the complete evolution of photography. For me, it was very important that we had covered that area to unveil all the processes of the photographic art form.


Then, my next challenge was the two creative eye projects. Both of these assignments triggered a creative side in me as many ideas for photos just kept coming to me endlessly.. and for a brief moment, I felt like a real photographer. The goal for me was to take not only beautiful but also meaningful pictures that tell a story. 


The second most important thing I learned from this class, has to be the relationship between shutter speed and aperture. We heavily rely on this rule of thumb during shooting on the final project with both a digital and a film camera as the technical requirement for camera control for exposure, depth of field and motion.


Out of all the assignments, I have to say that I have learned the most from the final project because the final project was the accumulation of all the things that we have covered in class. Moreover,  I was able to distinguish the differences between the film base camera and the digital one during the shoot for the final project...


I took this class because I always wanted to take a photography class. However, I truly did not expect to acquire so much and such diverse knowledge. Eventually, I believe that it would not have been so without a dedicated teacher, who made it his mission to make his class so interesting, interactive and also at times very work intensive.


Samuil Bozhidarov Pavlevhev:


Classes came and went, project after project I got just what I needed to start believing in myself. First came the presentation on the Grand Masters, which I performed quite well on. In fact, Buddha, that was the first time you praised my performance, which resulted in it being the first time I felt somewhat confident in a discipline that had been a complete mystery for me. This first praise allowed me to believe that I can also do well on further assignments.


Before continuing with the lessons learned from the team work I want to proudly declare that I have become a better photographer than my dad. In the past my dad was the person to go to when in need of a photo. He had been known for having his Zorki-4 (Soviet camera) when he was young so people believed in his legitimacy. However, with the coming of the digital age he had bought a compact digital camera and had forgotten all his manual setting skills. Besides, he also never knew anything about composition and art elements. Now I know all these things and I know how to manually operate aperture and f-stop consequently making superior photos. Plus, with the appearance of aperture in mobile phone cameras, knowing how to use it has allowed me to be the family’s new go-to person when in need of photographs.


On the final project, you decided to give me and Julian the team leader positions and neither of us wanted the responsibility, but soon Julian was cool with it and that helped me find peace as well. I grew to love my team and make new friends, realizing that it is okay to share the work sometimes. Sure, I did not learn how to be a proper team leader, but I think I have made a step in the right direction. 


Finally, from you personally Buddha, I learned that a professor can be more than just a professor. I have never communicated so freely with a teacher. I have always had boundaries that I felt extremely uncomfortable crossing, but with you. I learned that it is okay to call a professor – a friend. Thank you for this class.


Anthony Christopher Formica:

Through the grandmasters presentations, the creative eye project, documenting your friend project, and by the final fashion shoot, I learned about the tenants of good photography and what it takes to produce a photoshoot.


Previously I had seen great photographs in museums across Europe; however, I did not understand the rules of photography and what makes a good photograph good. I learned about the grandmasters of photography, but also elements in their photos that made them great. I learned about naturalism and how to some photographers taking the most realistic photo possible is important. I learned about the elements of point and line and how lines in your photograph can focus the eye or create balance in the photo. Finally, I learned about depth of field and how for some photographers they prefer a realistic photograph, while others like a shallow depth of field to focus the eye on the subject. The final thing I learned through the final project, was the amount of effect it takes to coordinate photoshoots.  The amount of work I had to do to scout locations, in addition to pitching and coordinating with my group was not a small task.


Prior to this course I believed that photography was simple. Practically everyone has a camera, so shouldn’t the task be simple? Through this class I learned that photography has theory and tenants behind it that creates art. As previously stated I had not taken a photography course in the past, so this class taught me a ton. While, I struggled and had to study a lot because I did not have the knowledge base other students had, I’m glad I took this course because of everything it has taught me. I learned a lot about the theory of photography, film based photography, digital work flow, and coordinating photoshoots.


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