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Midterm: Product/ Food/ Beaverage


  1. Learn about the digital workflow of the product, food, or beverage shots

  2. Learn how to conceptualize and previsualize subject, lighting, prop(s), and composition on a selected topic

  3. Learn how to technically operate and artistically set up lighting equipment on a selected topic to maximize aesthetic value and communicative approach

  4. Learn how to technically operate and artistically set up 35 mm. digital SLR camera and lenses on a selected topic to optimize depth of field and maximize the sharpness of photographic images

  5. Learn how to use a computer camera control application; Capture One, as an alternative technique to avoid self-reflection on the reflective subject

  6. Learn how to use both image management software (Adobe Lightroom) and image enhancing application (Adobe Photoshop) systematically, artistically, and effectively


Apply art, knowledge, skill, and technique of digital studio photography to produce a digital studio photographic work with maximum aesthetic value and a communicative approach


  • Select a topic

  • Select a product to be photographed    

  • Conceptualize the key message

  • Previsulaize the lighting style

  • and props corresponding with the key message

  • Sketch the light diagram

  • Take picture

  • Do digital photo file management, digital enhancement, and project archival (of original RAW files and final version on both JPEG and PSD files) on the digital storage device


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