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EPMD 1000 Learning Outcome


Daria Emelyashina:


The biggest thing I have learned from this class is being able to overcome my fear of technology. Having some experience with Google SketchUP previously I told myself that I would never go back to editing and design programs on the computer. However, this course and Buddha personally showed that having things done step by step, the programs such as Photoshop could be fun and an effective way to communicate the message.


I was always keen to take the challenge and pursue my interest in the media subject, but due to institutional problems, I never had a chance until this summer in my senior year. 


Moreover, all lesson plans and assignments were build up from one to another. I have gained knowledge and skill from previous assignment to move on to the next one. Through the various tasks in the class, I have further mastered my eye for aesthetics, this was done by learning the art elements. My critical thinking also had improved in storytelling and animation assignments. I was excited to learn the 3-light set up as well as the hidden meaning behind some cinematographic scenes like in the movie Hero.


I must say the final project was quite challenging when we had to come up with a visually pleasing picture using technology that is unrealistic and unnatural in the first place. 


In conclusion, what I took from this course is to constantly dig deeper and investigate for my own answers. I want to say thank you Buddha for your time and patience!


Josh Metzger:


I learned some skills for photography such as different lighting techniques, exposure, and composition in the field of media production. How to be creative, find a specific audience and apply the images that I created to marketing in a way that would be sent a clear message and relate to that audience.


In this class I used Photoshop for the first time, at first it was a little frustrating but after using it for a while, it started to get easier and I started to enjoy using that program while learning how to manipulate multiple images and blend them together to create a single piece of art. I tried to go outside of the scope of what we learned in class and applied a few methods that I looked up online. Most of what I saw online was way over my head and required a lot more practice, but I managed to pick up on a few things that I thought would go well for my final project.


With my time using Photoshop, I learned to appreciate the people in media production and the complexity that goes into making art using this program. Although I don’t really know how to use most of the features, I have a better idea about the effort and skill required to make professional images.


Moreover, we talked about the different techniques used in animation such as 2D, 3D, motion graphics and stop motion that was used in the past as well as today.

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Sharmin Akter:


Introduction to Media Production class was an exciting and fun class. I learned a lot of new stuff and got to explore my creative side. There were lessons on lighting and how it affected the image quality. This was very new to me. I never really observed the light quality before.   We also learned how to take motion pictures using DSLR. We took 8 photographs that represented one theme. 


We wrote a story using photographs called a story in 24 frames. We used the blur effect to highlight certain parts of the image. We changed some image to be black and white to represent flashback. Colored images represented the present time. We added speech bubbles to add text to show some speaking going on amongst the characters. At the end, we had a small plot twist to keep the story very exciting. 


After that, we did an advertising project where we had both artwork and business analysis. Our aim was to create a workable advertisement poster with both text and image by using photoshop to merge them together. It was a nice experience since I was not a business major student. I got to learn about how artwork is used in the business scenario. We did SWOT analysis too. 



Then we did an animated clip. This was more like a flip book where we morphed an image. We drew 48 pictures of slowly transforming image. It was very tiring to draw the same pictures, again and again, to complete the in-between images. However, I was really amazed by the final product. Our work looked extremely eye pleasing. It was just wonderful to look at it.



Kong Siao Mein:


Throughout this class, I have learned about some critical consideration as the key factors for successful media production; ranging from photography, advertising, animation, graphic design, and digital video. Buddha has helped us to get to know the whole process of media production in the class by providing examples and personal experience.


Furthermore, we also have tired several practical learning experiences in class, as such 2-light setup for liquid photography, 3-light setup for portraiture and 3-light setup for videography. Besides, we have learned how to use Adobe PhotoShop software step by step, making me feel enjoyable to learn as well as inspiring me to be creative.


Moreover, all lesson plans and assignments were build up from one to another. So, from The "Creative Eyes", we learn about different composition as well as visual connotation to create content in photographic series.  Then, the "24-frame Storytelling" also trained us to think about the shot variation, camera angle, different kind of lightings together with a rational plot to tell a story for not only creative story, but credible storyline as well.


Beyond the creative artwork production, we also have learned how to collaborate as teamwork through the "Ad Production" project. After selecting a product, we did brainstorm from concept to completion-SWOT analysis, creative strategy, big idea and execution for 2 ad artworks whether they will be print, broadcast, mobile or social media. It depended on our media strategy to be effectively attracted to right target audiences. 


In conclusion, I have learned a lot of stuff from this course in a very short period of time.



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