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PHOT 2040 History of Photography

Students examine styles and perspectives of the photographic imageries from the early classic romantic pictorial, realistic documentary, counter-cultural movements of the ’60s and ’70s, the emergence of critical theory, postmodernism in the '80s and the digital revolution of the ’90s and contemporary issues into the present.


Besides, the student will be introduced to major artists "The grandmasters" as well as important developments in aesthetics, theory and the various social, cultural, commercial and also technological manifestations of shaping photographic imagery. Moreover, the student will be inspired to the role of photography in culture, journalism, politics, and advertising and its relationship to art, especially at the art gallery level.


The basic goals of the course are to develop an understanding and appreciation of the medium of photography as well as using knowledge and inspiration to recreate their own photographic artworks intellectually and yet creatively.

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