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Photogram Artworks SP 2018


Previsualize on different lighting reaction, opaque, translucent or transparent, of a group of selected objects which can be generated a theme or story

Rearrange the selected object based on effective composition on a photographic paper

Expose the entire artwork with proper f stop and timing from the enlarger

Have a keen on various tonality for the final chemical photographic artwork


Able to understand the image processing of negative black & white printing (film-based technology) through the Learning by Doing approach

To experiment on the artistic relationship of visual element, composition, and tonality

To execute idea or concept through artworks for effective photo communication

Sam_The Life Cycle
Julian_Listening Wighin
Jessica_Reflection in the Dark
Daisie_Never Leave Home without It
Brenoan_Life of George

Learning Outcomes:

Able to know how to conceptualize content of the creative artwork

Able to previsualize the visual impact of the final artwork in terms of composition, tonality, and content

Able to artistically create photographic artworks based on the combination of art elements, composition, and tonality

Able to critically examine, both in verbal and written form, how the visual elements and content could complement each other for effective photo communication

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