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Mock-up Graphic Project
A Visual Artform Statement 
of Purpose for PhD ADM

It is the transformation from a common statement of purpose to a visual communication artform.
More than words,  it depicts my inspiration from art and design in order to express emotionally as well as inform effectively:
  • through hierarchical information,

  • navigational eye flow for acquiring information,

  • and unity of layout 


This is to graphically demonstrate the mutual fit of the Nanyang Technology University (NTU) doctoral programme in Art, Design and Media (ADM) and my career aspirations. 


Motivational Design

As my creative inspiration, I cannot help but read more into the abbreviation ADM. The motto “Promoting Creative and Independent Thinking” aroused my zest of artistic design, effective visual communication, as well as creative brand strategy. My ADM logo was used as the main visual elements in my visual statement of purpose to guide eye flows as well as to glue all elements together. Alternatively, it could be applied to promote the NTU ADM programme, snice the ADM logo has never existed.


According to the conspicuous standing point, the ADM programme at NTU practically allows interdisciplinary fields of study to merge through the unique integration of art experimentation with academic research. This perceptive viewpoint actually reflects ADM’s Brand DNA as a place for "Promoting Creative and Independent Thinking by liberating imaginative minds to unleash breakthrough design as an integral part of life" *.


Therefore, my ADM logo together with my visual statement of purpose is designed to aesthetically resonate my motivation for PhD ADM study at NTU.

ADM Visual Statement 7000 A3 PortraitADJ-01.jpg

For mobile device, please double clicks the image to access the PDF file.

Conceptual Design

To illustrate the merging of the interdisciplinary fields of Art, Design, and Media, the acronym ADM is integrated into one unit; however, each letter conveys its own characteristic hidden messages as follows:


A as an abbreviation of Art is conceptualised to signify the artistic motif from a brush stroke to formulate a futuristic letter form-a hybrid between manual creation and digital rendition. Besides, the brush stroke conspicuously symbolises oriental culture and together with a Roman letter they seamlessly meld East and West; there is no boundary in art.


D as an abbreviation of Design is conceptualised to convey the philosophy of design both in 2D and 3D. As a 2D Design, this unique letter form of D with a circle like an eye is used to conspicuously represent the concept of visual communication where the form connotes content to evoke the sense of sight.

As a 3D Design, this aerodynamic form of D with a circle like a button or a hole are alternatively used to tangibly embody functionality where the form now serves as function, to push or to hold.


M as an abbreviation of Media is conceptualised to reflect the never-ending dynamic nature of media within society similar to life’s pulse as an ever-changing indicator of life **. In addition, the extended interactive part-like the bio-contact-of the M also represents the interpretation, interactivity, and perception of humans through digital media, digital humanity, and digital culture.


Alternatively, this ADM logo could be used to reinstate the Brand DNA of the Art, Design, and Media Programme at Nanyang Technology University to distinctively stand out among competitors. 


 *   Quoted from

  ** Art, design, and media are the legacy of culture, so they are constantly moved by trends, force, or reformation according           to  technology, ideology, economics, politics, etc. as conceptualised from:

       Haferkamp, Hans, and Neil J. Smelser, editors Social Change and Modernity. Berkeley:  University of California Press,           

       c1992 1991.

ADM Logo Final.jpg

Art is my soul.
Design is my breath.
Media is my life.
life without
and media
will be meaningless
they have molded me to be
who I was,
who I am,
and hopefully
who I wish to be…

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