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Around China Town

Around China Town is my photographic artwork integrated with anthropology, sociology, and culture of Chinese in Thailand. 

Photographed from 2005 till 2013, it reflected daily lifestyle, religious faith, architectural influence, heritage transition, and intercultural communication through black & white imagery with the proper application of photographic style and emotional tonality in each picture. 


The shooting styles, street, documentary, and pictorial, are varied by subject’s matter, content, and occasion for capturing each photo. 


The tone adjustments, high structure, full-spectrum, high key, low key, or semi infrared, are also depended on enhancing mood and 

matching atmosphere in a particular image. 


I determine to create this photographic series based on the terms visual anthropology, visual sociology, and visual culture 

with the expectation for not only the aesthetic achievement, but cultural archival as well. 

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