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Reflections of Mynmar

Reflections of Myanmar is art & culture photographic series that depicts the spirit of Myanmar at Rangoon and city of Pagan during the water festival. 


Pagan is situated approximately 700 kilometers (437 miles ) north of Rangoon. Pagan is divided into two zones; Old Pagan and New Pagan. 


The Old Pagan is a 2,000-year-old historical place situated with nearly 2,000 pagodas. 

Imagine a constellation of pagodas through the skyline surround you. Looking through my viewfinder was already exquisite and spectacular, so I only had to wait for the perfect moment and perfect lighting to release the shutter. 


Whereas, the New Pagan is a local community with housing, shops, and markets in a slow pace and simple lifestyle. 

Imagine…life without any mobile phone, credit card, and ATM.


During the water festival in Myanmar, I was fortunate to photograph the joyful and friendly expressions of Burmese who showed no signs of anxiety from the military regime. 

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